Sneeze Magazine N˚51 "The Real Ones Issue"

A new issue “the imaginary beginnings issue” of Sneeze Magazine has been released.

The cover is decorated with artwork by contemporary visual artist #GeorgeCondo, along with an interview with him.
Influenced by Picasso's Cubism, George Condo established a position in Western art history with his unique style and philosophy.
Through the work of 'Psychological Cubism', he reveals the true essence of the subject and draws a picture of society.
As an artist who holds the record for the highest auction price for a work among living artists, he is currently receiving the most attention in the global art market.

In Korea, the cover of Kanye West's album <My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy>
And it was widely known through G-Dragon's private collection,
Last January, he held a solo exhibition through The Page Gallery located in Seongsu-dong.

It will be sold on February 2nd (Tuesday) at 12:00 PM Heights online and offline.
It is available in two versions: a normal fold type and an unfolded version without folding.
(Unfolded version can only be purchased through the offline store. (Inquiry 02-3144-0430)
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