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Interview : Camping with Wild Things 02

We met campers of different styles together at Wild Things, an outdoor brand for the full-fledged camping season in April with the fresh spring breeze and pleasant sunlight.

The second people I met were a couple of campers who enjoy auto camping, and writers Big Choi and Blee.

The husband records the moments of camping with photos and the wife records them in writing. Sharing the pieces of time that has passed in the world together is perhaps the true meaning of companionship. As the pseudonym of 'life adventurers', let's meet them who are building the meaning of life in a colorful and rich way through small adventures in everyday life.
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Q. Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, we are a couple of adventurers who are creators and writers specializing in camping and travel. The photographer's husband and the writer's wife are documenting the moments of life, travel, and adventure in everyday life. We are sharing our various camping experiences for a long time with various media and contents such as books, YouTube (life adventurers), and lectures.

Q. What do you think is the charm of camping?

We always come back with plenty of energy from nature through camping. It becomes the driving force to live the life back in a spirited and positive way. In the balance of working hard during the week and living as a traveler in nature for two days on the weekend, stress is naturally relieved, giving me energy to live my daily life more vigorously.

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Q. What is the most memorable camping experience?

I remember my Okinawa honeymoon trip a few years ago, when I went backpacking with only one backpack. After all, it was the rainy season, so it rained all the time and there was thunder and lightning.

Thanks to that, the spacious campground was almost ours as if we had rented it out, and on some days we pitched a tent in the cave to avoid the rain. However, rather than suffering, the situations were just so much fun and enjoyable. I really liked the sound of rain from inside the thin tent that protected us.
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Q. You usually use a Leica camera, is there any special reason?

I enjoy using Leica film cameras. Nowadays, it is a convenient era where anyone can take out a smartphone and take a picture, but film photos taken carefully one by one seem to make the moment more cherished, and it is a more poignant feeling.

The Leica camera body is painted black on a brass material, but after using it for a long time, the paint peeled off in areas that are frequently touched, revealing sparsely yellow brass. But at some point, this old camera came to me as a 'precious existence' that shared memories with. Thank you for being with us on our 'adventure', and it seems like a reliable existence.
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Q. You are also working as a writer under the pen name of Life Adventurer. Can you briefly introduce the books you have written, such as <A Little Camping, I'll Go>?

For us, camping is more than just a hobby, it is a precious friend who has changed our way of life and even our values. We wanted to share this kind of positive energy camping with not only us but also more people, so we started recording it with various contents. My husband is photographing, my wife is writing, and each of us is documenting our camping, daily life, and lifestyle in the best way possible.

Starting with the mini-velo Brompton Essay <Starting in Brompton>, the healing essay <A Day in the Forest> and the camping essay <Camping Day> contain various moments and stories of camping. I have published a total of five books, including the first camping guide and <I will go to a small camping>, which contains the know-how of 'small camping'. In the future, we will continue to publish books and work on content.
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Q. Is there any camping place you would like to recommend in May?

I recommend the island in spring. The island has a more relaxed and relaxed atmosphere compared to the mainland, making it a perfect place for camping. In particular, the island in spring is attractive enough that you can enjoy trekking while feeling the nature of the island in full bloom, and you can enjoy camping on the beach before the full-fledged vacation season. So, in spring, I often visit islands in the West Sea that are not far from the metropolitan area, such as Deokjeokdo, Gulupdo, Daeijakdo, Jawoldo, and Jangbongdo.
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