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Interview : Camping with Wild Things 03

We met campers who went camping in different styles with Wild Things for the full-fledged camping season in April with the fresh spring breeze and pleasant sunlight. Before summer approaches, I captured the image of them fully enjoying this more precious season because it was a fleeting moment.

The last person I met was MJ Choi Mi-jung, who usually enjoys camping with her family.

In life, everyone needs 'one's own room'. I need time to let go of all the roles I have to do, go out to nature and fill myself with the things I absolutely love. Wild Things was with her for the first solo camping trip she was used to camping with her family.
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Q1. Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, I am MJ enjoying outdoor activities with my family. I am enjoying the freedom to travel at any time without being constrained by time or place.
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Q2. What are the advantages of going camping with your family?

It is a fact that you can fully spend time with your family 24 hours a day. When I'm at home, I see housework that needs to be done, and it's difficult to focus on the child moment by moment. However, when we go camping, we actually have time for our family once we set it up.

I once experienced the extreme cold of minus 24 degrees at the top of a mountain. It's a two-hour walk deep in the mountains, so no matter how cold it is, there's nothing you can do about it. In such a difficult situation, I take responsibility for this little child, and I feel that I myself have grown up, and I feel that the love of my family is growing stronger. Children are also cold, but they learn how to be patient and considerate without showing the cold, and I do the best I can to take care of them, and my husband takes care of me. I think the experiences of these moments make us stronger.
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Q3. Can you introduce one memorable camping experience?

Until recently, it was backpacking in the snowy mountains of minus 24 degrees Celsius as I mentioned earlier, but from this year on, Ulleungdo's winter sea road opens and the Ulleungdo camping experience seems to have covered it.

It is called 'Nari Basin', and since it is an isolated remote village within Ulleungdo, the pure nature in a place without people really felt like a different world. I'm from Gyeongnam, so I always thought that I had to endure the extreme cold if I went to Gangwon-do to see the snow. However, Ulleungdo has a warm and cozy feeling even though it snows a lot, so it became an impressive memory of being able to fully appreciate the snowy scenery. There is a lot of snow, so I made the snow-dong, commonly called igloo, by myself. It took 4 hours, but I dug hard because I thought it would be an experience that would never be possible otherwise.
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Q4. What is the moment in your daily life you miss camping the most?

I always miss camping and nature. Lately, I haven't been able to do it because I've been a little busy, but I always pick up my kids in the morning and go for a walk in the park. When I was young, my dad used to carry mountains with me, and I really hated it back then. I thought I was a city lover, so I went to Tokyo to study abroad. Then there was a difficult time while studying abroad, and the experience in nature healed me. A friend I became close with in Japan from a young age was a child who grew up in a naturalist-like educational environment, so on the way to school, he always told me what kind of grass is this grass and what kind of insect is this, and I naturally experienced playing in nature. As I recalled the good moments of my childhood, I was overwhelmed with the smell of nature and the beautiful vibrating scenery.

Looking back, our school was very special. After class, I go to a place like a hut in the mountains to sit around and play. In spring, I go to the mountain behind me to dig bamboo shoots and fry them. Do you know the movie <Hana and Alice>? If you look there, you can see something like a circle room, but our school did just that. Playing a record and dancing in a tatami space as if in Japan's 70's and 80's... The friend who taught me about nature is now working as a printmaker and a fairy tale writer, and has published 5 books. and it's popular.

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Q5. Do you have anything prepared for today's first solo camping?

Today I am going to do only what I want to do. Eat when you want to eat and only play the music you want to listen to. I brought the equipment with the tent I want to bring and the configuration I want to bring with me at this moment today without any concept. Truffle prawn crackers, truffle salad, and four cans of ale are packed full of things you like.
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Q6. Lastly, how would you describe your camping experience in one word?

“That season, there again, we are”

I think I've known about it since last year. When the cherry blossom season returns, we go back to the place where the cherry blossoms are blooming, feel that we have been through another year like this, and the preciousness of reminiscing about the time that has passed. Like the flow of seasons, I think that our time ripens and matures together. Camping is great because you can go to the same place and look back on life every year in the same season.

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