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Culture: August Exhibition Calendar

The 20th anniversary exhibition of Yoo Youngkuk at Kukje Gallery Busan, “Colors Of Yoo Youngkuk”, and the special exhibition “My Sleep: My Sleep” at Culture Station Seoul 284 on the theme of modern sleep. At this point in time when various exhibitions are actively being held all over the country, check out this month's exhibitions that you don't want to miss.

Yoo Youngkuk : Colors Of Yoo Youngkuk
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This is Yoo Youngkuk's second solo exhibition to be held at Kukje Gallery following 2018. This exhibition, which covers the world of major works, focuses on the trajectory of colorful abstract art and formative experiments. As part of the work, this exhibition consists of 1942 photographic works showing new techniques and attempts, as well as an archive of the artist's activities.
Period|202.06.09 - 2022.08.21 (Closed every Monday)
Address|Kukje Gallery Busan
Korean Contemporary Artist Illumination IV- Lee Hyung-gu
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The exhibition “Lighting IV of Korean Contemporary Artists IV- Hyung-Koo Lee”, to be held for the fourth time in 2022, looks at the world of works of artist Hyung-Gu Lee, who continues the theme of 'body' based on his original formative language. This exhibition aims to reflect on the main meaning of the body that permeates the entire world of Lee Hyung-koo's work, and to reconsider the status of the body as an endless artistic possibility.
Period|2022. 03. 29 - 2022. 08. 07 (Closed every Monday)
Address|Busan Museum of Art
My Sleep: My Sleep
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Taking sleep-related discourses as its main stem, “My Sleep: My Sleep” invites various artists, designers, scholars, poets, and musicians to hold exhibitions, performances, seminars, and discussions while referring to scientific, social, and artistic interpretations and discourses. configured. This exhibition aims to show the works of various artists and writers currently working on the subject of sleep, reinterpreting sleep through installation, video, media art, painting, design, sound, and text.
Period|2022. 07. 20 - 2022. 09. 12 (Closed every Monday)
Address|Culture Station Seoul 284
I go to the art museum
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It is an attempt to overcome the inequality of free time and to show an alternative algorithm that art museums can propose to modern people who can receive more time as they enter the age of 100. This exhibition is designed with the hope that you will spend a journey to find the true leisure you need.
Period|2022. 04. 22 - 2022. 10. 16 (Closed every Monday)
Address|Busan Museum of Art
sculpture impulse
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《 Sculpture Impulse 》 presents 'sculpture', which is currently receiving the most attention both inside and outside the art world. Now that the traditional concept of sculpture has been dismantled, we introduce the concerns and changes accumulated over the past 10 years on 'what is sculpture' through the works of 17 representative young artists. ', 'Sculptures that try to escape from images, objects, data, immaterials, and locations', and 'Sculptures that reconstruct the conditions of existence'.
Period|2022. 06. 09 - 2022. 08. 15 (Closed every Monday)
Address|Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
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