Culture : 《Everyday Sunrise》 in PERROTIN

Street artist Barry MCGEE is hosting 'Everyday Sunrise', Korea's first solo exhibition, from August 5 to September 8 at PERROTIN in Samcheong-dong. Through this exhibition, honest and insightful considerations that blur the boundaries between art museums and streets have been captured.

Barry MCGEE's representative works, which have been focused on drawing and mixed media installations since he was a Tagger, include “Untitled bottle”, “Mixed media on spray can” and “Tag murals”. . Visually stimulating bright colors are applied, and issues related to gender, identity, high consumption culture, and commercialism are presented in the work.

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Exhibition information

날짜 | 2022년 8월 5일 ~ 2022년 9월 8일

시간 | 화 ~ 토, 10AM ~ 6PM 

장소 | 페로탕 서울(서울 종로구 팔판길5)
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