SCARPA, a brand founded in 1938 by the best artisans in the Azzolo region of northern Italy, famous for their handmade shoes, is an abbreviation of Societa Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima. Scarpa was the beginning of a cooperative that was created by the best craftsmen in the Asolo area, famous for shoes, with the goal of 'making the best shoes nowhere else in the world'.

In addition, Gore-Tex was first used in footwear, and in 1990, the world's first plastic telemark ski boots were developed. The news of the development of plastic telemark boots spread widely among ski enthusiasts and became an opportunity to further raise the awareness of SCARPA around the world. We continued to grow globally.

Even now, 80 years later, SCARPA continues to innovate with the goal of 'production of high-quality hiking boots that are perfect down to the details through new technologies and innovative solutions', which is the mission of SCARPA. From running to skiing to lifestyle, we produce the world's most extensive collection of outdoor footwear.

SCARPA's pop-up store, which offers a 10% discount on all products and a small gift to all who visit, can be found at the Heights Seogyo Store until August 18 (Thu).
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