Based on urban art, the large-scale exhibition of Shepard Fairy, which unfolds a creative world of art by combining advertising, propaganda graphics and social messages, will be held at the Lotte Museum until November 6th. This exhibition, which intensively shows the artistic trajectory of his 30 years, features 470 works ranging from early works to videos, collaborations, photographic materials, new works, and murals. Shepherd Fairy, representing culture, composes a screen that combines intense propaganda colors and text with topics that cross social and economic issues such as the environment and human rights.

In addition to the initial series of the 'Obey Giant' campaign, this exhibition will also reveal for the first time murals created on 5 buildings in downtown Seoul under the theme of hope and environment, showing Shepard Fairy's worldview through street art. The street is the source of his work, and it is also the most effective and attractive place to convey his message and encourage public communication and engagement. Various icons containing symbolic concepts and meanings such as pigeons, roses, lotus flowers, earth, and angels appearing in the work became the main medium to convey the artist's message, completing his unique world of work.

The Shepherd Fairy constantly asks us questions and forces us to act of our own accord. The conceptual agenda that he conveys through his works and the important responsibility and meaningful role we should have as members of modern society make us more focused on reality and give us the will to solve the current social problems. We look forward to seeing how Shepard Fairy, who is always at the center of the topic, will communicate with the public in the language of art to lead change in this exhibition, and it is up to us to respond and act with an open mind to the call of art that changes the world.

As an artist who started with a small sticker on a skateboard, left large murals around the world, and graced the historic covers of Time magazine, Shepard Fairy is one of the most influential artists of his time, dedicated to giving his voice to the world and encouraging action. We are continuing our activities.
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Exhibition information

날짜 | 2022년 8월 26일 ~ 2022년 11월 6일

시간 | 10:30 AM ~ 19:00 PM (입장 마감 18:30)

장소 | 롯데월드타워 7층, 롯데뮤지엄 (서울 송파구 올림픽로 300)

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