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Interview : Lifestyle with Wild Things 04

In autumn, when the cool breeze begins, I met people who have a special affection for nature and the outdoors at Wildthings, an outdoor brand.
Kang Min-gyu and So Eun-ji couple run a Japanese restaurant called <Tori> located in Pyoseon-myeon, Jeju Island.

Let's meet people who enjoy surfing while riding the waves in the summer and camping in Jeju with the sea as the background in the winter.
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Q1. Please give a brief self-introduction.

Kang (Mingyu Kang) Hello. I am Minkyu Kang who enjoys surfing and cooking.
So (So Eunji) Hello. Eunji So enjoys various outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, and riding.

Q2. I heard that both Mingyu-nim and Eunji-nim are not from Jeju Island. Was there a special occasion that led you to live in Jeju?

Kang) Rather than a special opportunity, I came to Jeju Island with a light heart to play because I just liked the nature and sat down...
S) So do I. Originally, I came to live in Jeju for a month, but now I have settled in Jeju.
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Q3. Were both of you originally in the restaurant business?

river) Yes. I was originally a culinary major, so I was cooking before coming down to Jeju Island.
SO) I worked in the human resources department of a company, so I wasn't in the food service business. I think I became interested in cooking after coming to Jeju Island.
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Q4. Since the restaurant opens in the evening, I heard that you usually surf before opening time. I'm curious about what the two of you think about the charm of surfing.

Kang, So) We both love nature, and I feel at ease when I see the wonders of Mother Nature.
I think the biggest attraction of surfing is that it is a sport that can be enjoyed with nature.
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