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Annie Chung 'LIFE images'

Born in Seoul in 1992, Jeong Suyeon grew up in Osaka along with her family who emigrated to Japan.

I started taking photos as a hobby in 2013, and after graduating from university in Korea in 2016, I entered the Japan Photographic Arts School in Tokyo to study photography. The artist, who grew up absorbing both cultures of Korea and Japan in the 1990s, was greatly influenced by the oriental color and oriental atmosphere, and has mainly taken pictures of people close to him as they are, based on which he created 'Life Images'. Two books were published in 2017 and 2020.

Unlike the photographs the artist has shown so far, this <LIFE Images> consists of works that exclude people as much as possible, allowing you to take a closer look at the artist's inner honest gaze and story looking at things surrounding people rather than people.

The artist's childhood gaze, who grew up in a foreign country, is melted, the death of others experienced through growth is embedded, and it is reminiscent of returning to a certain point. And these experiences have become a work to empathize with people, not just the artist alone.
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