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TAEYANG 'VIBE' Official Merch Pre-Order Drop

Artist TAEYANG's official merchandise will be launching this Friday the 13th.

'VIBE' official goods will be sold as pre-order items in limited quantities for 5 weeks through the 'HEIGHTS STORE' website at 2PM (KST) on January 13th.

In production are faded black short-sleeve, long-sleeve, and a snapback cap with the newly designed TAEYANG logo and album cover image, further adding to the collectible value of these items.

TAEYANG’s new single expresses through witty lyrics the subtle emotions that are felt through the 'VIBE' in a relationship. The collaboration of addictive beats matched with the charming voices of TAEYANG and Jimin has already stirred up tremendous amounts of attention even before its release. These goods are special gifts from TAEYANG for fans all around the world, who have been unwaveringly showing him support till now.

For more detailed information on merchandise and sales info, visit HEIGHTS-STORE.COM

Make sure to check out the new digital single ‘VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)’ which will be released on January 13th 2PM (KST) on all streaming platforms. 

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