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999 Humanity, a brand launched in April of last year and rapidly gaining mania, is illuminated at the Heights Store. From the brand's representative items directly delivered by the directors to the most beloved items of this season's collection, it is included.

999 Humanity is a medium that constantly circulates at the boundary between imperfection and perfection and accepts new things through contact with someone. 999 means countless connections of points of contact, and based on diversity, we aim for a virtuous cycle of clothing that we have experienced.
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I am curious about the history of 999 Humanity.
Two directors who loved clothes from different positions met and 999 Humanity was born, pursuing hybrid easy-wear, pursuing connectivity through contact with countless and diverse people.

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Is there a story behind the logo that is connected in the form of a chain?
In the direction of pursuing a virtuous cycle through numerous connections with new people, the feeling of people holding hands was embodied, and I naturally came up with the image of Ganggang Suwolle. In the shape of a circle, I drew a figure that signifies a virtuous cycle, and the figure drawn in infinity implies numerous connections. In addition, by designing the embroidery in the form of a chain, I put a lot of effort into expressing the meaning more concisely and visually.

Please introduce the items that represent 999 Humanity.
NYLON EASY PANTS is the representative item of 999 Humanity, which aims for easy wear anytime, anywhere, regardless of any conditions. It is also the one-pick item of the two directors who usually like pants with a comfortable and rich silhouette.
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What are the current interests and hobbies of directors?
As collecting becomes a part of my daily life, I am looking for more inspiration. I am practicing a lot in extracting new outputs that have not existed before from the act of input that encounters countless new things in various categories, such as new spaces and exhibitions.

What concept does 999 Humanity's lookbook for this season contain?
I took scattered fragments (FRAGMENTS) as the title. With the theme of paradoxical three-dimensionality that is heterogeneous yet harmonizes well, someone who has encountered this season based on each person's various tastes can imagine something completed when the pieces are put together. It also contains the meaning of pursuing diversity by sharing patterns, mixing disparate materials, or gathering different elements through color arrangement.
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Do you have any favorite items from this season's products?
All of the items are full of affection, but if I had to pick two of them, one would be the division jacket and the tassel tweed jacket. The division jacket went through a lot of revisions and supplements from last year's SS season version, and was born with the feeling that best suits 999 humanity, so satisfaction is high, and the tassel tweed jacket is already an item with strong originality. I spent a lot of time searching for material from various countries, from Italy to Japan. As a result, it was created with the most satisfactory materials, point buttons, and silhouettes.
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Do you have any interesting plans for the future of 999 Humanity?
We are scheduled to open a new channel of our own and meet customers at an offline pop-up store.

Lastly, please say something to those who like 999 Humanity!
Thank you for being with us every season, keeping pace with our slow pace.
You can find 999 Humanity's 23SS 1st release products at the Heights online store.
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