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The series "HEIGHTS VISIT," which contains the history of the brand in Heights and things that others did not know, is a content that visits and introduces the brand office in person.I met Kim Ye-rim, director of OJOS, who develops women's clothing details with active wear, and conducted the second business.Ohos is creating a different present from the inspiration he finds in faded things.
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Please give me a brief introduction to the brand.
Although OJOS is based on women's clothing, it focuses on interpreting active wear according to brand identity.Like suggesting a practical design that can be worn in two ways through dismantling and reconstruction by separating the structure of the clothes.

I'm curious about how the brand was launched.
Rather than calling it an opportunity, I had a kind of plan to launch a fashion brand when I was young and in middle school at the age of 25.It might have seemed to others that he was talking recklessly, but he had his own conviction.When I entered college, I majored in installation art, but I had a strong affection for fashion and my plans didn't change, so I gained experience step by step.In the process, I started an online wholesale business that is the predecessor of Ohos.This experience was also the driving force behind the brand launch.As they bumped into each other in a fast-moving field, they led to the need to form a brand that has a clear season concept and responds quickly to the market.
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You can see that the theme is slightly different every season, such as the environment, future, and structure.I wonder how these themes are decided.
Every season, the theme is composed of the direction Ohos pursues and the interests and tastes of the time.I don't take into account the timeliness, but the theme tends to change with the perspective that changes every time.In principle, what I want to convey through the collection is the message rather than the image of the product itself.One scene I want you to think of when you look at the collection.Since last year, we have been producing artwork as a device to help deliver these messages, exposing them together in the lookbook, and delivering messages more directly.By the way, all the artwork is produced with team members.

Please give us a brief introduction of the concept and items for the 2023 S/S season.
This season is a collection that expresses the brand's sporty mood active wear through virtual ballerinas.In particular, dresses, shirts, and toe shoes with ribbons or string details inspired by ballerina's clothes reveal that intention.It also contains Ohos' unique experimental gaze, including dresses that can be worn in various ways of 6way and variable temperature windbreakers that change color depending on temperature.The campaign film of this collection conveyed the message of the collection by creating the city's desire and splendor with panoramic nuance under the title of phantom magoria.
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As far as I know, the pop-up store was held in Hyundai Seoul recently, and I heard that the on-site response is very hot.Are you feeling it?
It was my first time to hold a pop-up store event in the department store, but there were people who waited for a long time before entering the store, and I am very grateful that the target point was achieved in a short period of time.It was meaningful that the events and discount promotions that we prepared in the hope that the visitors would have a meaningful time.

Did you have any difficulties while preparing for the 2023 S/S season?
There was a difficulty in time.Many designer brands may have the same problems as us, but preparing collections in time for the season means that they have to achieve high completeness in a short period of time.Ilero's own windbreaker product, which was developed by its own materials, was not able to be produced in Korea, and it was difficult to produce it in a foreign country due to various variables, but as a result, I am glad that it was produced in the direction I thought.
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What are your interests and hobbies these days?
I like to travel all the time.Recently, I have been interested in camping while visiting an outdoor show held in Japan.
The upcoming Ohos workshop will also go to the go-out camp with team members.
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I'm curious about the projects and plans you're planning.
This year, I'm trying to expose Ohos as much as possible on various issues as last year.In April, we are preparing a pop-up store at Atmos in Japan, and in June, we plan to release a capsule collection in collaboration with brand Fila.

Lastly, please say something to those who like Ohos.
From graphic work to video and installation art, Ohos is inspired by its designers and pursues fashion that acts as fashion art/of-the-art, not just clothes.We would like to continue to do interesting projects in the middle of breaking down the boundaries between casual and high fashion and blurring the boundaries between products and works, so we would appreciate it if you could keep an eye on us.
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