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Launched in Paris in 2010, the conceptual knit project label "Missua Bachv" presents a variety of work related to knitwear and fabric at the boundaries of everyday life.Starting with the inspiration of "Everyone is as beautiful as a flower," Misuavakhv's steady sellers and flower pattern hat products, as well as the storytelling that he wanted to contain both school girls and bleak moods with this season's lookbook.Meet designer Kim Mi-soo's story to the Heights Store.
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I'm curious about the history of Misu Abakhv.
Misuavakhv introduced a small knit project brand in Paris in 2010 and moved to Seoul to work on various knitwear and fabrics, which are still continuing with small work done by hand knitting as a brand.

What does the brand name mean?
Misuavakhv is the name of the first collection.The name of the first small collection of knitted hats and clothing, which was inspired by the everyday life of a bearded woman, became the brand name.I got to use the bakhv meaning "beard nan" on the Misu, but it is still maintained.

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Please give me a brief introduction to the representative items representing Misuavakhv!
We're making a variety of knitwear, but I think a lot of people will remember us as hats.There are about 20 new designs every season, and the most interested in the flower motifs, which are the steady-seller, are the hat products with the motifs that fit their storytelling.

What are your interests or hobbies these days?
Today, the design team talked about books and bonsai through private talk.We recommended Park Wan-seo's books and posted brief comments, and I would like to learn bonsai that can hold plants like Lee Chang and a frame among the reminded <Alfred Hitchcock> movies we saw last week.
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What concept does the 23S/S season's lookbook contain?
The main character of this season was a witch and an ordinary child's day, but I chose the concept because I wanted to talk about someone who might be somewhere with a secret.I wanted to create a bit of a chilly atmosphere while capturing the school girl mood.

What is your favorite item in 23S/S season?
My favorite items are skirts and pants with denim material, and JULES BUCKET with outstanding details.

I'm curious about the bottom products with denim and the styling tips of JULES BUCKET products.
We tend to layer a lot when we take lookbooks, but I think the styling that matches pants and skirts together and styles the top with simple and simple items is a match that can be worn for various events.
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Do you have any interesting plans for Misu Abakhv's future?
We are working on making an art shop edition, and looking at the gallery, we are thinking about knit items that can be enjoyed at the art shop.I'm also doing research for next summer's collection, so I'm sharing various interesting ideas with my team members.

Lastly, please say a word to those who like Misuavakhv!
For those who feel the beauty of various things that they make by hand, I want to continue to design that makes the day special.I'll continue to show you fun work that you might know, but you'll find new things!

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