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Polisum is a women's brand that aims for simplicity that is distinguished from overbranding, and was launched in May this year.From the behind-the-scenes stories of the brand delivered by Emma and Soobin, co-CEOs of PolySUM, to the most cherished items of the season, 23FW collection products will be available in the Heights Store from September 14th (Thursday).
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How is PolySum made?
Polisum is a brand that is co-represented.We wanted to show our two identity in harmony, so we named it Polysooem.Poly is a prefix that means complex, mixed, and many.SOO and EM that come out consecutively are borrowed from our two names.We've put a lot of ourselves from the name.I'm trying to put the opinions of the two in harmony and as much as possible when I'm working on everything while developing the brand.

We met as co-workers.One day, we talked in Izakaya and said that we both wanted to try our own brand someday, but I think the contract we wrote while we were at it, let's write a contract, and I think it was the beginning of PolySUM.We split the post-it contract in half and still carry it in our wallets.
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Please briefly introduce the items that represent PolySuM.
If I have to pick up the items, I think it would be good to explain the characteristics of our brand items a little bit.We like stripe patterns, so we want to design fun stripes that go well with the concept every season.I designed and printed the stripes in the FAVOURITE STRIPE JERSEY SHIRT and STRIPE MAXI SKIRT that can be worn as a set-up this season.

In addition, we pursue clothes that can be easily worn but can be changed. For example, we tend to melt efforts such as changing the front and back so that it can be worn on both sides with different details or showing different charms of the fabric when planning a product is planned.I want to continue to introduce something that can only be seen in Polysooem.

How did the directors start their relationship?
We were co-workers at the same workplace.I went to the same job three times.
In fact, my first job was a designer brand called Fleamadonna, and the next day after one quit, another joined the company, and I worked as a designer and MD in my second and third jobs.It was a brand called Curety and The Open Product, but I think we started it without much thought when we decided to do it together because we've been working together many times.
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What are the directors' interests or hobbies these days?
It's my first time running a brand, so I'm really busy.I don't have much free time, so I can't do regular hobbies, but both of them like a TV program called "I'm Solo," so I enjoy watching it at night dinners.I tend to analyze the characters in the program, reflect on their relationships, and watch them like a panel.Anyway, I think the main focus is on the brand.

What concept does the upcoming lookbook for the FW23 season contain?
The Polysooem FW23 collection was conducted under the season theme of The Western all the time.I tried to express not difficult things, contrast, toughness, retro mood, stripe, flowers, and classicism with simple plots such as Western Movie, which consists of exciting action, romantic background and tough pioneer and villain confrontation.

Polysooem's lookbook focuses on seeing our products as well as possible.I want to show the color and texture of the fabric well, so I'm going to focus on that and melt the season concept without difficulty.The goal is to show the details of the product as well as possible, so I want to keep the background simple.I think it's because it's Polysooem that we think it's not that hard.
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What is the most affectionate item of this season?
Emma: There were many tight fit products during the Summer23 season, so I wanted to make FW23 a little more comfortable.The BOHO STITCH HOODED JACKET is a regular fit, but it's designed to roll the waist a little inward and widen the width toward the hem.It complements your body shape to a certain extent and makes you look slim.I think it's the result of modifying the fit by looking at the sample several times.The stitch details are also used properly, so you can see the season mood well.

Subin: When planning the collection, it is divided into high-selling items and items that we want to do even if not, and I think STITCHED LEATHER WESTERN JACKET and RED are items that clearly show the Western we want to do this season.I think I'm more affectionate because the time and effort I put into the work afterwards for good details.

I'm curious about the styling tips for the protective stitch hood jacket and the stitch leather western jacket.
Emma: The BOHO STITCH HOODED JACKET is a two-way zipper, so it opens on the hem.It also has a hood with stitch details.If you open the zipper on the hem and wear it with WASHED LEATHER CARGO SKIRT, I think it will be prettier because you can see the top details of the skirt.It's thick, so you can wear it as an innerwear inside a winter outerwear such as a cropped padded jumper or maxi coat and a hood inside out.

Subin: STITCHED LEATHER WESTERN JACKET, RED has a certain mood of the product itself, so I think it would be good to relax a little bit on the inner and bottoms that match together.For example, if I want to express myself more clearly, I want to style it with a denim skirt or cargo pants rather than a leather skirt, and STRIPE MAXI SKIRT of a jersey fabric.I think it's easier to style with monotone bottoms or innerwear at home.Oh, and it has a 2 oz quilted inside, so you can enjoy it until early winter.
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Finally, what are Polisum's future moves or plans?
There are a lot of inquiries from overseas customers, so I'm trying to open the global mall as soon as possible.I'm trying to prepare pop-up stores and collaboration work slowly, but nothing has been confirmed, so it's hard to say that I have a special plan yet.We want to continue to work hard and show what we want to do to many places.
I hope that there will be people who like Polysooem.
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