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Sound Sports “Sloth” Collection Release

A new product from Tokyo-based creative label Sound Sports has been released.

Sound Sports consists of four people, Ryota Ishii, ISLND, Shota Horide, and Yuhei Hosokawa, and is a creative group that conducts visual and sound-related directing of various brands with regular mix sets.Recently, he has collaborated with BEAMS and Fake as Flowers, and has continued his various activities, including designing the sound for the brand Sulvam's 22SS Paris collection.

Products ranging from clothes such as anorak and hood zip-up with the signature logo of sound sports to ball caps that are good to use throughout the four seasons will be available online and at Heights Seogyo from 12 p.m. on September 18th (Mon).
jacket model image-S1L9
jacket model image-S1L8
jacket model image-S1L7
jacket model image-S1L6
jacket model image-S1L5
jacket model image-S1L4
jacket model image-S1L3
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