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Lores x Kentaro Okawara Pop-up Store

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Starting on Saturday, November 18th, we will hold a pop-up store celebrating the first collaborative collection of Roars and Kentaro Okawara at the Heights Exchange and Seogyo Store.Under the theme of "Love Is Everywhere: LOVE IS EVERYWHERE," it consists of fleece jackets, hoodies, beanies, mufflers, and other winter-season styling products.

On Saturday the 18th, the Heights Seogyo Store will also hold various events such as DJ sessions, catering, and drinks.

○ Schedule
November 18 (Sat) - November 19 (Sun)

○ Place
Heights Seogyo Store, 395-142 1F, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

○ a benefit
01 | 로어즈 x 켄타로 오카와라 협업 컬렉션 전 제품 10% 할인

02 | 5만원 이상 구매 시, Heart Plush Keyring 증정 (재고 소진 시 종료)

○ DJs | 11.18(토) 16:00-20:00

FRNK @freerangeneighborkid
DOHYOTA @weirdlovedevice
YETSUBY @yyetsubyy
JAYHAN @jayhan2000
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