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PARTS σƒ SILICA GEL Pop-up Store

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A pop-up store where you can meet Silica Gel's official merchandise will be held at Heights Exchange. In the "PARTS σƒ SILICA GEL" pop-up, you can see a variety of products such as hoodies, T-shirts, beanies, and key rings, and they can be purchased from November 16th (Thursday) to 19th (Sunday).

✶ 일정 ✶
November 16 (Thu) - November 19 (Sun)
THU l 10:30 - 20:00
FRI - SUN l 10:30 - 20:30

✶ 장소 ✶
108 Yeouido-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, The Hyundai Seoul B2, HEIGHTS Exchange Store

✶ 구매 ✶
- All products can be purchased 2 per person regardless of size.
- You can only pay by credit card.
* The above is also applicable for preorder purchases.

✶ 제품 안내 ✶
- Products that are sold out will be sold in a preorder manner.
* However, parts are products that do not proceed with preorder and are sold separately by date.
- If you have any questions about defective products within a week of purchasing the product, please contact us through the email below.Please understand that we cannot exchange defective products, but only refunds are available.*Product inquiry: help@heights-store.com

✶ Preorder Guide
- Products sold out of the pop-up are sold in a preorder fashion.* Parts do not proceed with the preorder.
- The preorder continues without an early deadline within the pop-up period.
- Pop-up <PARTS σƒ SILICAGEL> Offline site (@heights.It takes place only on exchange) and orders are filled out and paid on site.The product you paid for will be sent by courier after production.
- The preorder is a custom-made product and will take about six weeks after the pop-up ends.The delivery date will be notified by text message later.
- Please understand that it is difficult to cancel/exchange/refund after the pop-up ends due to the custom-made product.

[Guidance to enter the pop-up store]
✶ Pop-up Store Standby ᄉᆞᅡᆼ소
- Waiting registration will be carried out in front of the entrance to Yeouido Station on the second basement floor of The Hyundai.
- The open waiting area is connected to the subway station and will be open/closed in time for the first/last train.
- You can register for waiting at the pop-up site from 10:30 a.m.

✶ Entry waiting registration
- You can register for waiting on the day you enter the pop-up store.
- You can register your entry information by entering your phone number on the tablet at the entrance of the pop-up store.
- We will inform you of your entry through the notification talk, so you can enter according to the staff's guidance by visiting the entrance of the pop-up store after receiving the notification message.
- Please arrive at the waiting area for the entrance of the store within 15 minutes after receiving the entrance notification message.
- Please understand that additional waiting time may occur after receiving the entry notification message depending on the on-site situation.
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