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The series 'HEIGHTS VISIT', which contains the history of the brand located in Heights and the facts that others did not know, is a content that is introduced by visiting the brand store located in Heights. We met with Kim Seo-joon, CEO of @surgery, a brand that presents various styles of products such as remakes, custom, funk looks, techware, oriental, avant-garde, and streetwear with a deconstructionist-based design, and hosted the eighth Heights Beats.
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Please give me a brief introduction to the brand.
SURGERY is a fashion brand that reinterprets various styles and develops various concepts and styles as well as vintage remakes based on deconstructive thinking.
What does the brand name mean?
"SURGERY" means "surgery," and it started based on a vintage remake, so the process of making clothes itself was similar to the process of "surgery." And my name is 'Seojun' and the pronunciation is similar, so I named it.
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How long has it been since it was launched?
It's been about four years.
The interior is different from the brand office we know. What concept is it based on?
The space we introduce through this content is a space that is used as both a studio and an office, and we make our own clothes here. The concept was set as an operating room, and it was decorated with actual operating tables & workstations that were airlifted by hand.
I'm curious about how the brand was launched.
Since I was young, I liked to make something by hand, so I naturally became interested in making clothes, and my dream was to launch a fashion brand early on. As a result of my efforts in realizing that dream, I launched SURGERY.
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Please explain the concept and explanation of this season's collection.
Under the theme of reinterpretation of modern luxury, this collection explores the contradictory propensity of human beings, the conflict between comfort and luxury, and the complexity of simplicity. It symbolizes the contradictory diversity of desires and identities within humans, and it was intended to show that luxury is not limited to appearance beauty.

What is the main item of this season's collection?
It consists of a velvet training set-up, a zip-detailed hoodie, a shirt, and a rebuild product, and among them, I would like to introduce anorak-type shirt product. The zipper details that cover the entire body from the end of the sleeve can create a variety of productions, and I think it suits this concept the most with a luxurious material.
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The styling tips that the director gives?
Many people who are new to our brand think that the barriers to entry are high, but I want to say first that it's not difficult to wear it. The styling tip for this season's collection is to use our products as a point and coordinate other items with minimal items, so I think it will be a special and balanced coordination.
What are your interests and hobbies these days?
These days, my hobbies are video games, plastic models, and figures, and I have a hobby of cooking fun dishes called Wednesday Meal Society once a week. Recently, I've been learning scuba diving.
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I'm curious about the projects and plans you're planning.
As SURGERY is incorporated and operated this time, it is likely that it will be actively active overseas (Japan, USA, China) from this year, and we will also prepare a Korean flagship store that can be met offline.
Lastly, please say something to those who like the brand.
First of all, I want to say thank you for liking SURGERY, and my personal wish is to run the brand for a longer time than the brand's success. I want it to remain a historical brand with at least 30 years of operation. I'd appreciate it if you liked it for a long time in the future.
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