Burberry X Pop Trading Company

Burberry and Pop Trading Company meet for the first time in a collection that highlights the community and shared love of the outdoors.

Pop Trading Company and Burberry celebrate their shared love for the community and the outdoors with this first collaborative collection. Leveraging the connections between the Amsterdam-based brand and the global skating subculture, this collection brings to life the skating scene with Japan at night.
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The collection is designed to express freedom and movement across the city when skating after dark with daytime restrictions in place, while Burberry's iconic check is lit primarily in shades of gray, black and red and illuminated at night. Blurred to reflect the cityscape. As a side note, reflective details play a key role in the collection. Additional night vision equipment for traveling across the city at night and experiencing sights and sensations along the way.
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The collection's bespoke, blurred check pattern is applied to a wide range of items including skateboards and technical parkas, silk shirts, cargo pants and crossbody bags.
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A collaboration skateboard product between Burberry and Pop Trading Company will be available on Thursday, June 30th at 3pm at the Heights Seogyo Store.
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