Editorial : BEST HATS ITEM

If you are looking for a ball cap item that can be used all year round despite the change of seasons, please refer to the list recommended by the Heights Exchange Store staff Seolgi and Taerim. From classic designs with simple messages to exclusive items that can only be found at Heights Exchange.
short sleeved tee model image-S1L2
short sleeved tee model image-S1L3
short sleeved tee model image-S1L4
Techno Is My Boyfriend Hat - Charcoal by IDEA
A classic design hat made by embroidering a simple message on the front.
short sleeved tee model image-S1L6
Rockstar Cat Mesh Cap - Grey by JOEGUSH
A hat designed with a signature slogan in a point color.
short sleeved tee model image-S1L8
A vintage-colored hat that can be worn lightly by applying nylon material.
short sleeved tee model image-S1L10
Make The World Cap - Brown by KENTARO
A unique design hat featuring the artwork of artist Kentaro Okawara.
short sleeved tee model image-S1L12
X HEIGHTS Web Logo Mesh Cap - Orange by AEAE
A hat that can only be found at the Exchange store with an embroidered design that combines heights and AEAE symbols.
short sleeved tee detail image-S1L14
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