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MIKI KIM & HEIGHTS Dragon Tee Drop

A collaboration product between the Heights Store and Mickey Kim has been released.

Mickey Kim is an illustrator & tattooist based in Seoul who is active in New York, Australia, Paris, Japan, and many other brands, including Gucci and Marine Serre, have received love calls and collaborated in illustrations, and has been active in various fields such as design magazines and album artwork. This collaboration product is a short-sleeved T-shirt commemorating the year of the Blue Dragon in 2024, and can be found in two types.

It will be available online, at Heights School, and at Exchange Store from 12:00 p.m. on February 8 (Thursday).
short sleeved tee product image-S1L2
short sleeved tee white color image-S1L3
short sleeved tee white color image-S1L7
short sleeved tee model image-S1L4
short sleeved tee model image-S1L8
short sleeved tee detail image-S1L6
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